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    The game is Rise of Flight.

    The headset is Rift S.

    All is set up right but I would like to experiment with improving the image quality so it looks a little more clear.

    Unlike some other games I use with Vorpx, there is.no in-game Vorpx option to meddle with resolution.

    The in-game resolution itself is set to 1980-1080 like a normal monitor.

    Is there any way I can force the resolution to be higher through my headset? Is the games default resolution holding back the image quality in my rift?

    Any help would be most welcome!


    You can do that by running games with a higher resolution.

    For over 150 games vorpX can handle that via DirectVR. If that’s the case, you see an according message in the top left corner of the game window. For other games you can do it manually following the below rules of thumb.

    1. For FullVR mode you typically want to choose a 4:3 resolution, e.g. 1920×1440, unless you happen to use a Pimax 5K/8K or other headset with two widescreen displays. Not all games support 4:3 anymore these days, but if a game does, use 4:3 to avoid rendering pixels that are never shown in the headset.
    2. For Cinema Mode/Immersive Screen Mode widescreen resolution work/look better. Personally I think 16:10 is perfect in that case, but common 16:9 resolutions are also OK.
    3. It’s very useful to add resolutions to your PC that it cannot display per default, e.g. the above mentioned 1920×1440 will not be available on your PC per default if you ‘only’ use a 1920×1080 monitor. How higher resolutions can be added is explained step-by-step in the ‘Custom Resolutions’ section of the vorpX help, including a list of resolutions to add.
    4. Go as high as your PC allows for a specific game without sacrificing too much performance. That’s the vorpX equivalent of using supersampling with native VR apps.

    Worked perfectly.

    Thank you Ralf.

    Can you, lastly, tell me what would be the step up from 1920×1440?


    vorpX seems to accept about any resolution you like.

    I like to make steps of 0.1 for testing. (1920 x 1.1 = 2112 and 1440 x 1.1 = 1580 gives me a step up to 2112×1580).
    Or steps of 0.5 might scale better to the hmd. (1920×1440 x 1.5 = 2880×2160)

    Add some 10 – 20 custom resolutions to your graphics driver, and they should show up in most of your games to choose from. Then just find which looks the best within your performance margin.


    How did you get Rise of Flight to run? I searched on the cloud for a profile and it hooks in but for me so far only runs in 2d and not stereoscopic 3D.. shame as I used to have 3 1080p nvidia 3d vision monitors and the 3D glasses and it ran great in stereoscopic 3D then but I had to sell them all when they became incompatible with my latest video card and invested into VR anyway


    which profile/game engine did you use to get Rise Of Flight to run in 3D? I can only get it to run in 2D..Thank you for your reply

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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