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    Occasionally while playing in desktop mode, my mouse would stop working. Unplug and replug does not fix the issue. When this happened, only a hard pc reset will fix it. This will happen almost 100% of the time when playing Halo Infinite. Sometimes 5 minutes into the game, sometimes 40 minutes.

    This does not happen if I play on a monitor.

    Wondering if anyone have the same issue and any workarounds/fixes available.

    Ryzen 3600x
    gtx 3080
    hp reverb g2
    evga x17 mouse (also logitech g602 mouse. Tried both. Both have same issue.)
    Halo Infinite windows store version
    I always pause Vorpx watcher when using desktop mode.



    Not really sure how that might be vorpX related, so the only workaround that comes to mind is using a gamepad instead of a mouse. Although you probably have thought of that yourself already.


    Thanks for responding. Guess I’ll stick to playing Halo on a monitor then. Was hoping someone might have the same issue when playing in Vorpx Desktop mode and have a solution. I’ve been playing most 2D games in Vorpx Desktop mode ever since I got it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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