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    Has anyone been able to get Lord of the Rings Online to work with Vorpx and the OC1? I cannot for the life of me get it to hook at all. Not sure if it’s because of Turbine’s game client or whatnot. There is a separate launcher for the game and then passes information to the actual EXE game client, and I think that’s where it bombs. I can’t run the game client itself directly though.



    I’m not having much luck either with LotRO either. I think i’m getting it to hook but it’s stuck on a screen that says:
    “Sorry, lotroclient.exe is taking a while to load. If this issue persists please take off your headset and check the app on your computer.”

    I’m using the latest oculus rift. Any ideas about what to try next?


    Set game to Dx9 and hook it to Lotroclient.exe

    There is also a profile on the cloud now.


    Many thanks for profile.
    Having some issues with Head tracking being reversed and not correcting. other than that it’s a good start but needs some tweaking :-)


    Does it contain any 3D mode?
    This is the second “MMO”most desired for me, to get 3d with Vorpx, along with TESO,WOW,and Guild wars 2.


    Edit: Found it.


    The Z-mode 3D isn’t very strong, I wonder if copying another profile might give a better effect or allow geometry 3d to do something?

    The 3D effect is much better if you use tri-def/bigscreen or virtual desktop, tho it makes a lot of the text pretty rough and you have to turn off anti-aliasing to fix the screwed-up skybox. I’d prefer vorpx cinema mode…


    Yes, I also prefer the cinema modes for Vorpx, and most likely the new mode for the next update, although I would like to have 3d geometry available for this great title and be able to enjoy the whole epic main story based on books with Vorpx.

    Lotro has the possibility to choose dx9 or dx11, perhaps using one of these two modes, it is easier to get a profile, this would deserve the effort without a doubt.

    John Paul

    Any idea what happened to this cloud profile? Is it still up? Any other profiles work for this game?


    I found some working G3D for dx9 mode, and added another profile to the cloud: The Lord of the Rings Online (G3D)

    -set dx9 mode
    -use a 16:9 resolution and aspect ratio (2560×1440)
    -general graphics setting: High
    *minor skybox issues
    *ctrl+\ to unlock and rearrange UI
    *tested on HP reverb with mouse/keyboard

    The skybox 3D isn’t right, and the UI layer has no depth and cannot be scaled, but most everything else looks fine. Tested with the general High overall setting.

    Cinema mode is probably ideal for most, but I prefer to use the FullVR mode for looking around in first-person and using EdgePeek (middle mouse click) when zooming out to third-person. Give it a try and see what you think.


    Hey Dell, is there any chance that you could get lotro to work in G3d still?
    I downloaded your profile but I still can’t get it to work. And I’m unable to get 2560x1440p to work.
    Please help!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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