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    This past month I’ve been playing Fallout 3 in VR with VorpX a lot and enjoyed it. Thought DirectVR was incredible. Chose a profile, start game, just click DirectVR scan and play. So simple so effective and it worked like charm.

    Now today as I tried to play, the vorpx made some changes to the game and tells me I better restart the game, and when I did, first of all my xbox controller which I allways used up untill today when playing Fallout 3 in Vorpx doesn’t work anymore in Fallout 3 and I have to use Touch in combo with keyboard and mouse for some reason, but the image that I’m getting is warped like the pre DirectVR image that used to greet me before activating directVR only now the DirectVR scan button is no longer in the Vorpx menu.

    Has something gone wrong when my Vorpx was updating? The DirectVR option is no longer there and the image I get from Fallout 3 in my Rift makes me dizzy very quickly and I can’t play the game any longer.


    I just got Fallout 3 on Steam for very cheap and think it may be a great VR alternative to Fallout 4 |VR| which is way overpriced and has mixed/poor reviews. Have not tried with VorpX yet but will report here when I do. I hope it is working well in current version with Direct VR.
    Any suggestions for setup would be appreciated.

    (BTW for anyone interested in AMAZING VR fps in this genre I highly recommend Dead Effect 2. Maybe much shorter then Fallout but well worth the price on Steam sale!)


    Got it working. Direct VR works properly (can use alt-V or VorpX in game menu)
    It is more or less good. Visuals are great and render properly so far.
    Crashes often! will have to look into why ???
    dialogue with NPC has annoying zoom in like Oblivion. Not much to be done unless anyone can suggest mod or workaround.

    Positional VR makes it a bit jumpy and twitchy so I turned off

    Frame-rate is great 80-90fps (but still have not exited vault where maybe poor)


    Alegse, I find FO3 much more sensitive to mods than FONV, be careful. When I installed hires textures it started crashing, the optimized textures are fine. Also, for some reason the beauty overhaul for faces caused my Directvr scans to fail on headtracking. I suggest the memory patch, stutter remover, FOSE as a minimum. Also view distances lower,shadows off.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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