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    Hey guys, long time no post =)

    I’ve been tooling around with Vorpx this morning trying to get the new Shark RPG (Maneater) to run and I managed to get some pretty great results:

    – I used a copy of the Conarium profile to achieve the geometry 3D effect.
    – The game attaches to maneater.win64.shipping.exe, I couldn’t find this file anywhere on my PC so made a blank txt file named that and told Vorpx to attach to it.
    – Works in all 3 modes but Cinema mode is by far the best, immersive screen mode has some graphical hitches.
    – The game itself runs great, needed to drop it down to high from highest as it was making my fans kick up quite a fuss & crashed out once during testing. Seems stable running on high settings though.

    Enjoy =D

    p.s – I uploaded the profile I used to the cloud!


    thanks man :) cant wait to try this one with vorpx ^^


    Awesome. Maybe not exactly my thing, but being a virtual shark clearly looks like the ultimate VR killer-app everyone has been waiting for. :)

    BTW: I’ll add a button to the next vorpX version that lets you assign the .exe for a profile from a list of running processes. That should eliminate almost all situations where you may need the empty-text-file-trick. Also easier than having to locate the .exe file. Not sure why I didn’t think of that before, the required code exists anyway for the exclude list.


    Very cool. I’ve been saying for years now, cinema mode is the most under-rated thing in VorpX.


    Ah that would be amazing Ralf, I don’t mind doing a little digging/blank txt file creating to get some newer games to work BUT I would love that feature! If it’s easy to implement then I’d be extremely grateful =D


    Thanks for this video!
    I just got Maneater yesterday and its mindless fun. Then I came across your video and, yes, its now so much better in Vorpx! Its quite incredible!
    My only problem is in certain tunnel areas where theres a spotlight (like in your home spawn area) the lighting effects are only in the right eye. The left eye is unlit.
    But swimming around the main world areas is fine.
    Any thoughts?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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