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    I just got vorpx working, however the config app does not load and always crashes. Still trying to fix that and figure out the issue….however ralph advised me how to change the vorpx.ini manually to vive and that did the trick and I am up and running. I am trying to play Enderal Conversion on Skyrim LE. I am using the Samsung Odyssey (I put the Vive pro on topic as it is same screen and should work the same setting wise)

    So for a Vorpx noob who does not have config menu access for presets, can someone advise me how to best set up my Vorpx menu IN game for Skyrim???? Also any tweaks for performance? I know this is a intensive modded version in Enderal, but my 1080 Ti normally runs it without issue above 60fps constantly, but in vorpx I am getting down to 30 fps.

    Is there away to maybe turn off the mirror as far as pc screen? or some other way to tweak performance? Any advise would be helpful.


    Assuming you are using the vive pro you are probably using a relatively high resolution.This is the first thing i would change to improve FPS. Just lower the res. slightly, this might already help. Using widescreen res. slows your game down also, use 4:3 or similar for example instead of 16:9.


    @ Sgt_Nick_Fury : The reason for the slowdown is that for Stereo 3D rendering everything has to be rendered twice, so a ~50% performance hit, usually a bit more due to some extra overhead for rendering to the headset, is quite normal for Geometry 3D.

    You can trade 3D fidelity for speed by switching to Z3D in the vorpX config app. Doesn’t look as good/natural, but is a lot faster since it does not have to render everything twice.

    In regard to Enderal specifically your best bet is probably to reduce draw distances. Try the “medium” quality preset in the Skyrim launcher. I don’t know Enderal, but if it’s anything like Nehrim, the prior Oblivion mod from the same team, they may show a lot more stuff per frame than the base game, which has a severe impact on performance.

    The mirror display does not have any adverse effect. If Steam complains about that, you can safely ignore it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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