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    there are many custom profiles but no official profile for 2016 doom, why?

    is it possible to play 3D geometry using custom profiles?


    this is without a doubt, one of the great reasons, why I would like the profile system in the cloud, clearly separates users configuration profiles, profiles with 3D collection in games not officially supported “or not officially reviewed”.

    a possible solution in the future could be, the obligation to indicate if it contains 3D or not, by pressing mandatory, at the time of uploading a profile to the cloud, or something like that. Basically some method to locate what we really look for each user.

    PS: I also have the same question as OP, but we often lose time to try profiles one by one, that you often end up noticing that they only provide a setting that x user considers “appropriate” for x mode but most likely you do not get 3D in many cases.


    You can separate user profiles from official profiles by checking the username. [vorpX] as user name always means that it’s an official profile. Those are usually the same ones you already got in your local database though, with the exception that from time to time a profile might get updated between releases.

    Reliably extracting more detailed information about what exactly user profiles can do and to which level is a more or less impossible task. Good user profiles ideally have a description filled in by the author with that kind of information.

    BTW: About 90% of official profiles have G3D support these days. The newer a game (and thus more technically complex) the higher the chance to hit one of the remaining 10% Z3D only titles.

    In terms of OpenGL games like Doom simply keep in mind that vorpX does not support newer OpenGL versions in stereo 3D. Any OpenGL game released after Quake 4 probably does not have stereo 3D, exceptions prove the rule. Given the relatively small number of OpenGL games compared to Direct 3D that is unlikely to change anytime soon.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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