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    Ralf, what are you doing to further market your product? Is this a side business for you, do you have a full time job?

    I’m just curious because there really isn’t much out there as far as VorpX is concerned. BTW quite a few people on Steam have a low opinion of VorpX, not quite sure why that is?!

    I think you should really try and market your product harder especially since it enables non-vr games to benefit from the VR market. If I were you, I would approach 100’s of Dev’s with the proposition of including a VorpX profile in their upcoming game. I’ve been promoting it quite a bit on the Subnautica boards (so has pieter) and I would bet most people don’t read those. If however, the dev’s officially supported your product as an ‘addon’, I’m sure there would be a better opinion towards it plus money for you.

    Have you thought of possibly approaching Namco/Bandai, Square or NetEase? These are billion dollar operations and I’m fairly certain they would be down for extra sales. The Chinese game market is MASSIVE. If you just got a penny from every VR gamer in China you’d be a millionaire.


    The likelyhood that Ralf has already thought about or been through this several times is probably pretty high. So we’re likely not bringing up anything new to him here. :)
    But generally yes, I would totally agree. VorpX is obviously a labor of love for Ralf. He has single handedly built one of the best/most valuable products I’ve ever used. The only downside to being a one man show, is that its difficult to market it properly and widely enough on his own.

    Like any venture, its a risk to invest too much capital up front, and most start ups would like their products to grow organically or virally.

    But like you, I have no doubt that a lot of people really don’t know what they are missing in VorpX. Even at its most bare-bones, just adding 3D to flat games, its invaluable.

    Ralf: Just my suggestion, but if I were you I’d figure out some structure or way to bootstrap a solid marketing push of some kind. You have a nice little band of dedicated enthusiasts on here who would give all kinds of momentum to anything you start (for free) if called upon. Just a thought. ;)

    Anyway, I’m sure Ralf has seen and done it all in this space, so he’ll do whatevers best to keep the product kicking ass as usual. Just our suggestions!


    The problem with such a marketing push is that it all comes with exponential stress. If things are proceeding at a nice pace why put oneself through that?

    Clearer promotion of Vorpx and what it does and does not do is good, but I tend to find that most people who buy it know generally what they are getting.

    The price puts some people off, but you could argue that it puts the right people off. In other words casual users rather than enthusiasts – those who want a ‘Magic VR Button’, who create more stress. You can see that in some forum posts.

    Having said that DirectVR is getting closer to that in a lot of games. If there was a way to create per-game user plugins for vorpx for tracked controllers and cloud source that effort…

    I just realised I mentioned stress twice, I’m probably projecting and need to have a lie down :)


    Hope you are doing well and wishing you all the success in expanding VorpX’s reach and making a mark in the VR market!


    Exploring partnerships with big players like Namco/Bandai or Square could be a game-changer. Go for it!


    I think we can all contribute a lot to the spread of vorpx. I always read a lot of negative things about vorpx in comments on youtube or various forums. Here we should share our positive experiences. Surely vorpx is not suitable for everyone. But as an enthusiast it is probably the best you can buy for your money

    adrian J

    VorpX is the answer to the lack of PCVR VR titles

    Surprised it’s not more mainstream

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