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    Its a bug fiasco, but i hope the studio will have the money to repair it completely, it’s the Studio of the Deus Ex Games. The Soundtrack is amazing and the graphic is bombastic. On my RTX 3080 Ti i can play it in 45fps, in 3000×2160 and Ultra with Raytracing and Dlss.

    But the 3D of all existing DX12 vorpx Profiles does not work. I had to install Reshade’s 3D Solution once again, while I’m waiting for the official vorpx profile by Ralf !


    you must put refresh to 120


    Can you please explain to me the Reshade 3D solution? I was trying to get the shaders to work in my HMD with Reshade and some other mod that was supposed to make it work for Final Fantasy XIV Online, but when I installed it, it caused vorpx to have hooking issues as I believe they both were hooking to the same exe.

    if you can help it would be GREATLY appreciated!!!


    There Is a Cloud profile,you must put in game a frequency of 120


    What do you set the graphics options too? I can get it to load, I see the splash screens, but then when the game intro page loads it’s just black with a floating cursor.

    (Sorry new to VorpX)


    did any of you have had any issues with the XBox X Controller Gamepad not loading? I uploaded the only profile from Cloud (by gileric), 3D and all is okay but the gamepad settings dont load. Does not matter what I try, only keyboard layout works, but not Xbox X controller.

    It works and loads okay without Vorpx, but once Vorpx is open , the gamepad controller mapping does not load from steam.. no idea why. All is set to OFF in Vorpx menu as well. All Gamepad overwrite option is to OFF, but something still preventing in Vorpx to load the gamepad overlay from Steam.

    any ideas?


    update: Fixed. The Controller override disable option seems to work only after a full computer restart.
    I restarted all and now the X-box controller mapping loads and works.


    Hi, I can’t launch Guardians of the Galaxy with VorpX.

    I only have a launcher (gotg.exe). It’s the only executable file, and it launch a launcher, but not directly the game.
    VorpX hook to the launcher, but when I launch the game, it quit.

    Would someone know how to fix it ?

    Thank you in advance !


    A bug fiasco?

    When? Where? How?

    I was playing it until to the first level-boss to this point, with vorpX hooked and i haven´t encountered any issues so far.

    Only “strange” thing i experienced was the graphics being kinda “weird” but i realized it was the vorpX-profile with sharpness being set a little too high in my opinion.


    How did you manage to launch it with VorpX ? You can skip the launcher or VorpX hook anyway ?


    How did you manage to launch it with VorpX ?

    I don´t even remember coz this was some longer time ago. But remembering the graphic sharpness of the vorpX configuration was set way too high for my own taste (which never happened yet to any other game i used to play with or without an official profile), i assume it must have been some official vorpX-profile of GOTG that i used.

    You can skip the launcher or VorpX hook anyway ?

    If you´re not sure, start the game, then start vorpX and click “add process” in which you have to of course add the right GOTG-process in the process tab.

    That way you can make sure to not use the exe which causes to open up the launcher instead of the game.


    Thank you ToxicMike.

    I’ll know the trick for the next game.

    I think you can lower the sharpness by adjusting the Clarity Fx in VorpX ingame menu.

    I used a non official profile from the cloud with no other problem except I had to install the Hook Helper (only one click, it’s simple). Z3D had some artefact around models sometime but i got used to it and the game was great in Cinema Mode 2.7k on my Reverb G2.

    Note : it’s possible to add the -nolauncher option to the executable (through a shortcut). With the Hook Helper it hooks.


    Is this game any good with Vorpx?


    yes, works well ! the gameplay is oldschool but sound and graphic are amazing in vorpx !

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