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    I tried the one existing Spider-Man profile from the cloud directory.
    But Z3D is dessapearing periodically.
    The 3D effect disappears depending on the scene and camera rotation. For two days, I still did not understand what the problem was. Tried some other profiles. But with none of them, Vorpx doesn’t work.

    Of course there is an option with Z3D via ReShade 3D VR and Virtual Desktop… But!
    – There, the resolution is cut in half horizontally or vertically when 3D is activated.
    – Worse performance.
    – Missing AMD FidelityFX technology greatly improves the apparent resolution of the image on top of the native resolution in the game.
    All these advantages make VorpX an absolute favorite in competition with ReShade 3D VR.

    Yes! Ralph severely limited the VorpX Z3D settings. However, the significant performance and image clarity advantages make VorpX the best solution today!


    has spiderman, now, good z3d?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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