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    I’m trying to get Mass Effect 3 working with vorpx and the oculus rift.

    I have the game on origin, and I am running it in offline mode.

    Here are the issues I’m running into:

    1. While in the ME3 game I can not hit the Delete key to bring up the in game vorpx controls.

    2. The menus are extremely hard to use.
    – I do not see a mouse cursor, and it constantly resets it’s position.
    – If I manage to get lucky and find a button with the hidden mouse cursor before it resets its position, I can click it to navigate the menu. But some of them are extremely hard to find (the confirm dialogs are near impossible for me).
    – I can use the arrow keys to navigate (the game doesn’t seem to support keyboard ability to select an option though).

    Any advice?


    Forgot to note:

    The head tracking is working. And I can middle mouse click to move the screen around and see more.

    The couple times I was able to get into the game I had mixed results.
    – Sometimes it freezes at the loading screen.
    – Sometimes it gets into the game and works great.


    Regarding the hooking issues, please try to create a vorpX desktop shortcut (right click the vorpX tray icon, choose “Create Desktop Shortcut”, then navigate to your MassEffect3.exe.

    Menus: You can also zoom the screen with [SHIFT] mousewheel. Alternatively or in addition to EdgePeek (click middle mouse button) that should solve all possible problems with menus.

    Cursor: Normally vorpX shows its own cursor in ME3, since the game’s cursor can not be duplicated by vorpX. Please try to enable or disable the hardware cursor in the Mass Effect 3 options menu. It’s possible that the vorpX cursor only works with one of the options.



    I have same problem. Invisible mouse and impossible to open vorpx controls menu. Lag during game with cycle mouse center.

    In ME3, no option to disable/enable hardware cursor.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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