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    Hey guys, sorry if this issue is as incredibly noob as it feels, but I can’t seem to find the answer on the old ME threads on these forums and I’m a complete newcomer to VorpX settings (and PCs, honestly) so not only don’t know *what* I need to change, I don’t know *where* the settings are (or if the term I should be using while asking is colour, or lighting, or saturation, or…)

    Basically, I’m launching the Mass Effect Legendary Edition and finding that once my headset (Oculus Quest 2) switches from showing what’s on the desktop, to running with VorpX in ‘immersive screen mode’, the colour and the lighting of the game completely blow out. I mean, Mass Effect games love their lens flares at the best of times, but this is next level: I take my headset off and look at what my monitor is showing and it’s all muted colour palettes and shadows with spots of light, and then I look back through my headset and the humans’ skin looks dark orange while the Asari are shining such a bright neon blue you can’t see where the edges of their models intersect with the white walls behind them. It runs wonderfully smooth, everything’s scaled correctly and the 3D effects look great, but the colours are just so blown out it almost hurts. It’s happening across each of the games, too.

    Since the Oculus is showing the ME:LE launch menu with a pretty direct 1:1 replication of what the monitor is showing in terms of colour, quality and lighting, I assume this means something’s going on from the VorpX side – but it seems no matter what settings I fiddle with in the in-game VorpX menu, it doesn’t resolve the issue.
    Has anyone come across a similar issue, or can point me to the settings I should be fixing up? Is this a resolution issue (there’s no blurriness or stretchiness, just the colour/lighting being off, but I’m not tech savvy enough to know if it’s related), is it something else, or is it just the way that these games port to 3D?

    Appreciate any help.


    Just in case anyone was following this and rolling their eyes (or comes to the forums in the future looking for answers like I did), I finally figured it out: turned off the HD settings in the in-game options menu (not VorpX) and that immediately resolved the issues, lol.
    Mystery solved! ‘:)


    Just to be sure, do you mean “HDR settings”?


    Yes, that is what he means.

    I’ve noticed that with some games–and Mass Effect LE is one–if HDR is enabled, the image quality will be terrible with Vorpx. Mass Effect LE may automatically enable HDR so you have to go into the menu and turn it off. Since no existing VR headsets have HDR screens, it’s a useless feature to enable anyway. PSVR 2 will be the first HDR VR HMD when it is released.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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