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    It’s very different than the original kinda like the difference Resident Evil is doing with remakes so they’re not the same games, Mass Effect3 isn’t the same as the remake. Anyone had any joy geting Mass Effect Legendary Edition working with Vorpx cause it’s on steam sale again


    Last time i looked this up, there where issues, and unfortunately Ralf recommended using the old versions.

    Did something change? Anyone know more? I’m very sure i don’t want to play the old versions, after all i spend money on the Legendary Ed because it’s better.

    Curious to find out what the current situation is.


    ME1+2 should work fine, can’t recall what the issue was with ME3, might just have been some .exe naming conflict.

    That aside, ‘better’ is a fairly individual term here. ME2+3 are basically the same games with higer res textures and slightly better lighting, but in turn much worse performance. ME1 on the other hand received a significant gameplay overhaul for the Legendary Edition.

    One could very well argue that because of the much, much better performance the original games are generally better suited for VR, just for ME1 using the LE is actually worthwile due to its modernized gameplay.


    Mass Effect (legendery edition) LE1 worked but LE2 is not working it’s just a screen where’as LE1 went into full VR but Mass Effect 2 is just showing a screen like MaxPayne3 did, was hoping MassEffect2 would work as MassEffect1 worked sadly it isn’t. I was looking forward to playing MassEffect2 in Vorpx after1 worked :(

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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