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    After trying to refine a maximum of parameters, I block a VR limit (Blur / Resolution)
    It turns out that what I actually see in my headset is only about 80% of the total resolution requested.
    I think these 20% are not to be neglected.
    (one can better see on both images what it represents: The first is a screenshot of the game, the second comes directly from a capture of SteamVR to the helmet, in both, the limit of what I see is in fact even smaller)
    Screenshoot in game:
    Screenshoot-in game
    ScreenShoot in SteamVR:
    ScreenShoot in SteamVR

    Could we fix or have a parameter to enhance this limit?
    Zoom option in Vorpx doesn’t fix this issue (just bigger pixels, not bigger limit)

    PS: I have a HTC Vive. I dunno if it’s same issue for headset Oculus Rift


    Whatever lines you may have drawn there, what you say is absolutely not correct, sorry.

    You can easily check the screen space used by enabling the mirror window in SteamVR (game has to run windowed to see the additional mirror window).

    Per default the vertical FOV is dialed in to be the same on Rift and Vive to make profiles 100% interchangeable. However, if you raise the ImageZoom above 1.0 on Vive – contrary to what you say – the image uses more vertical screen space until the screen is used fully vertically. Horizontically the full screen is used in any case.

    if you don’t notice any difference inside the headset, then that’s because you actually can’t see the outer pixels of the screen. Which is not unlikely depending on your eyesight and the distance of your eyes to the lenses.


    It is possible that the numbers I give in percentage are inaccurate
    (that’s why I did not give figures in pixel) but that’s what I feel visually in VR. I can not measure it.

    In fact, if you raise the Image Zoom above 1.0, the red circle will actually be smaller, but we lose in visible image (especially in verticality)
    If i set Image Zoom to 0.90
    I can see the whole image vertical but in this case, it “adds a black band down (or an ambient blur) where the image stops. (Why not black band at the top, a decentration vertically )?

    To better test, or explain it would be necessary to make a VR application with a target and a grid.


    You are wrong, trust me.

    As suggested above, enable the mirror window in SteamVR. With an ImageZoom of 1.32 (the max on Vive) the screen is precisely used to its full extent.

    If you don’t notice any changes in the headset, you actually just can’t see the top/bottom edge of the screen through the lenses. One reason more to leave ImageZoom at the default 1.0 to not waste pixels you can’t see anyway.

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