ME:Andromeda with First Person mod is unbelievable.

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    Never finished ME:A, mainly because I never found it super immersive. But then I recently tried again with the First Person mod in cinema/immersive mode, and holy crap its so much better. You actually feel like you’re there.
    The guy just recently took down the mod, but he says he’s coming out with a new version soon that fixes some glitches.
    Highly recommended.


    Hi, same goes for Mass Effect 3 if you pump up strenght and some fov, problem for me were the ingame menus hows that in ME:A ?


    No issues at all with the menus. In cinema or immersive mode of course.


    Whoa didn’t know that, thanks a lot for the info, I never finished the game either so I’ll give it a go.

    Also mass effect 2 recently got a first person mod too and it’s actually very good with Vorpx,and if I understood moadepht there’s a working first person mod for me3 that works on Vorpx? I really have to get a Mass Effect vr replay at some point, a pity that apparently me1 has no first person mod afaik to make the whole run.


    Holy Shit! I just tried ME:Andromeda with the 1st person mod… is it just me or is the “VR scale” on this better than a native VR title?!

    I’m not kidding… I wonder if the modder has stumbled onto something here..

    I remember being on the Discord server when this mod was developed.. He moved the camera inside the character’s head and then made it transparent. A side-effect is that the camera bobs and sways in the same way the character animations did. I’m hoping he disables that when he releases the new version.

    Maybe something about the way Frostbite calculates fov along with VorpX fov calcs when set to 4:3 aspect… but seriously.. I’m floored.

    The modder is a perfectionist – he’s serious about making ME:A a playable fps (hence why he’s taken the original down)

    He keeps saying he’s on the verge of releasing the new version, but the modding tool itself is giving him problems.

    ….can’t wait till it comes out. This could be one to watch for VorpX if it works out

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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