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    I understand Mechwarrior Online does not support 3D…yet. However, I’ve managed to create a user config file to turn the setting on and have been able to get the game to work with vorpx.

    My problem is that when I look around with my DK2’s, it moves the upper body of the mech which in turn causes my targeting reticle to move. Mechwarrior has implemented TrackIR support and Ive seen a youtube video of a player that was able to “freelook” around his cockpit which didnt move his target reticle.

    Does anyone on these forums know of a way to be able to do the same but using vorpx and DK2’s? I figured if TrackIR was able to get it to work, there has to be some setting that would allow vorpx to do the same with the DK2’s.


    From what I understand you can use FreeTrack to track the Rift as TrackIR input and just use VorpX for the visual hook. By default VorpX seems to emulate mouse input in most games I’ve tried, which is okay, but should provide TrackIR style input first.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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