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    Gave 2010 a go and got some decent results with the FOV tool from PC Gaming wiki. Another good one with pretty clean Unreal Engine G3D.

    Medal of Honor 2010 (G3D)

    The FOV Changer makes full world and viewmodel FOV possible, however it only applies to the currently selected weapon. Since it grows tiresome to reset for each new gun, I’ve opted to combine with forced G3D enhancement for viewmodels. This introduces pop-in culling around peripheral view, but keeps both FOVs correct all the time. I think it’s worth it, and not so bothersome as to kill the overall experience.

    – Download the FOV Changer here. Looks like this:

    – run FOVChanger.exe, uncheck Viewmodels, check Enable, enter 97
    – wait to click Set button until you’ve launched the games splash screen, or anytime once you’ve started the game. Now you are good to go.
    – use a 16:9 resolution to hide more culling (1920×1080)

    *G3D Shadow treatment toggles crosshair, set Auto for acog scopes fix
    *Singleplayer version only
    *If you get “General Protection Errors” first time, reinstall PhysX drivers from:
    Origin Games\Medal of Honor\__Installer\DISK1\PhysX

    I think I’ve disabled all undesired shadows and textures halfway through, but will update the profile if more are discovered. Made it past the ATV night mission, pretty neat so far. Enjoy.


    Thanks for this one too!


    If you’ll give me til tomorrow, I’ll adjust for Pimax8k for this too. I’ve been wanting to see this in the 8k lately anyway.


    That would be amazing for both this and homefront so I can check them on my 8k too, thank you so much!


    OK, so there is now a Pimax8k version of this profile on the cloud to try. I’ve set it default to cinema fullscreen as I feel this is how it looks best, and fixed some additional shader bugs.

    For this version:
    – set FOV Changer to 99
    – use a 16:9 resolution of 2560×1440 or greater
    – Pimax Small FOV recommended to hide most edge culling

    *HUD is now adjustable, but doing so will off center holo sights
    *G3D Shadow Treatment to Auto can reveal crosshair for acog scopes

    See what you think. 8K profiles for other Medal of Honor games soon to follow.


    Thanks a lot for this and Homefront profiles, I’ll try them when I finish Borderlands 1, also I can’t wait what new profiles you release, keep them coming :)


    I keep forgetting to mention that Prologue mission 1 (riding in the truck) will have poor FOV, but look fine afterward. So no need to change any settings.

    Hope you enjoy when you get around to it. Let me know what you think of the cinema fullscreen mode. I think I will continue to use this for future 8k profiles.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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