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    @ sapolettos: Just a lot of trying each of Ralf’s profiles until you get lucky :) . The shader tool he provided has been a big help too. Loving it.

    Had some more fun playing at war this weekend. A couple more G3D shooters you might enjoy.

    Medal of Honor: Warfighter (G3D)

    I had to force a lot of 3D enhancement to make up for hardcoded FOV (causing environment culling around periphery), but once in the action I was soon not bothered by it. It’s got some intense set-piece shootouts that feel neat in 3D, so I’ve decided to share the profile anyway. I did manage to reduce HUD and offensive shadows, so worth a go if you own the game. Probably my new favorite modern military shooter.

    – use a 16:10 resolution (2880×1800) in fullscreen

    *Use hotkey “switch G3D/Z3D” for door breaching HUD
    *2 driving levels crash the hmd, but vorpX automatically rehooks after completion
    *Z-normal optional with cinema mode

    Medal of Honor: Airborne (G3D)

    Now this one is working great! I spent most of the weekend adjusting FOV code for each weapon, and it has pleasantly paid off. Very good G3D, flawless FOV, it all just feels right. Shooting is very punchy and physical, and combat action very intense. A must try in VR for war shooter fans.

    – download FOV files. Place them marked “read only” into:
    Documents\EA Games\Medal of Honor Airborne(tm)\Config

    – use game launcher to set 4:3 resolution (1600×1200)
    steamapps\common\Medal of Honor Airborne\UnrealEngine3\Binaries\moha_setup.exe
    (click play to apply, may give expected load error)

    – from now on, launch as usual via steam etc.
    – press Q to trigger FOV at beginning of each briefing and airdrop (also toggles HUD)

    *If scopes or mounted guns break FOV, ADS with unscoped weapon to fix
    *Getting smoked? set steam launch parameter “-enableconsole” and type “god”
    *If Q key fails, use console command “fov 120” to set FOV at start of each mission


    I’ve tried to create a profile from unreal Engine 3 For MEDAL OF HONOR 2010,but there are shadow and other problems…


    Do you still happen to have the FOV files for Airbourne? I’d love to try it out.


    Hmm, yeah I’ll see if I can dig those back up again soon. Might be a couple days.


    New FOV tweaks to download and place in the Config folder as directed above.

    I have also made a few profile adjustments and uploaded a new version to the cloud. Look for Medal of Honor: Airborne (newer).

    I didn’t test it all the way through, but things seem to be working okay. Remember, Q key to reset FOV during jump scenes and briefings. Q also toggles the HUD on and off as you prefer.


    Any chance someone still has these FOV files and would be kind enough to share a copy ?


    *scratch that, I didn’t read properly and thought they were for Warfighter not Airborne.
    My mistake :/

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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