Men of War

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    Men of War (G3D)

    Something different (and no, i havent given the game a dollhouse look on purpose).
    This game behaves very different to anything ive seen so far concerning 3D strength, i am not quite shure if VorpX is responsible for that, but at a very certain zoom state (mousewheel) 3D strength makes a jump so the game (alomost, i have event that out a bit) looks like a dollhouse. If you dont like that effect, turn down 3D strength, but when zoomed in 3D strength will be relatively low.

    Let me know how this game looks in your eyes.

    – Unusual 3D behave when zooming (in a positive way)
    – All together nice S3D
    – Terminate game manually after shotdown from taskmanager
    – Optimized for cinema modes
    – Profile available from the cloud


    With War of Rights, when you turn your head with the VR headset on does it turn your whole character? Or can you do free look somehow?


    The game looks great in vr but I cant figure out how to get the mouse cursor to be
    visible. Any ideas? I dont think its playable without being able to see the cursor in game. It only dissapears when launched with vorpx. Ive tried every setting that I can find.


    Try ALT+C. Also Tabbing in and out (TAB+ALT) brings back a missing cursor sometimes.


    Any possibility to support assault squad 2? I can’t get it to hook at all.


    Yes , I’m loving assault squad 1 in vorpx vr , it is amazing and for me makes the purchase of vorpx well worth it , but I too can’t get it to hook into Assault Squad 2 ,,,, if there’s anyone could take a look at that and see if it can be made work it would be much appreciated 🙏🙏🙏❤

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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