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    VRified Games

    frustratingly, i can find little details on the game engine used

    but….since there was some cross content/promotion with Tony hawks 3 in the form of the skating minigame that play so similar i figured it was a version of the Renderware engine

    i could find no profile for tony hawks 3 either official or on the cloud so i looked into other games using renderware

    got some success with GTA San Andreas in the Beta branch of Vorpx

    so close yet so far though…..

    i can get 3D and positional tracking in the menues and really annoyingly it does work in the game but only on the rain overlay in the tanker mission. nothing else

    in shader authoring, i have access to 5 shaders only, but cannot alter them

    Ralf, my Dude

    can you help me in my hour of need?

    vorpx community, any ideas?

    this would be an anazing title to experience in VR

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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