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    if anyone managed to add this game, please share! I had to try about 50 profiles, but I couldn’t.


    hi did you get this to work? thanks


    none of the profiles work. but I got it to run greatly in 3D with Vorpx viewer (turn off monitoring when you launching)

    My steps:
    – in Steam I unchecked the box : Enable the steam overlay while in game
    – downloaded DXVK from this website
    – extracted in the directory , copied the set file into same directory like theh exe as well as all 64 dll files.
    – tested without reshade, game starts

    run reshade 4.9.1 , only that version works X95
    – selected mgsvtpp.exe in application
    – selected vulcan
    installed Superdept3dvr+fx

    There is also a hint that on start up another active document has to be open. Test it. I think it runs for me withoiut that part.
    if not, open a word document and start the game and quickly change to the word document and type something inside so its an ACTIVE document open and game starts in background.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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