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    I was recently testing Metro 2033 original version with dx9 and G3D on Oculus Cv1, and I would like to ask a couple of questions, about Vorpx and this game.
    Currently Metro 2033 original is a game (NO-DirectVR), at the moment.

    I do not know very well its graphical engine, but it contains 2 .ini files after running for the first time, and these allow to change FOV, resolution, and eliminate some annoying things in VR, both files must be saved and probably protected against writing.
    I got very good results after some changes, but I need to solve two important issues.

    Issue 1: The light from our flashlight is too wide and strong, this causes a strong glare in the headset lens. It is too annoying honestly.
    Ok,press and repeat press on (F key), simply turn the flashlight on and off,but also,this flashlight is charged in battery every so often manually during our game. Pressing and hold (F key) and click mouse button 1, we get to recharge it, but the light increases causing big glare problems with headset.

    This leads me to think, perhaps, there is some modifier, which I do not know to reduce its intensity, or maybe Ralf can fix this annoying lighting effect for the next version?

    Issue 2: aiming with some weapons, it is quite complicated even with positional tracking, due to a large zoom, too close or closed.
    This could be improved by modifying the weapon’s zoom value during aiming,
    but I do not know if we can do it or introduce a line to solve this.

    I literally love this game, and still much more with Vorpx and G3D, because its immersion multiplies even more. It is a unique experience if you appreciate it, accompanied by several factors such as narration, history, exploration, stealth, action moments within a post-apocalyptic universe where the world has to survive within the Meters, and face the dangers in and on the surface.
    This game contains translation and dubbing of voices in many languages, which is good for a better VR experience.

    I would like to see a Full DirectVR support, with some memory fixes if necessary, to continue enjoying this experience and for any user to experience this experience without too many configuration problems with the current headset.
    Probably same solutions can be covered, to the second part of this franchise, Metro Last Light.

    In the meantime if Ralf or any user knows a way to solve these 2 problems manually, he has my thanks.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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