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    I would like to create a new topic for Metro Exodus as i din’t find anything relevant and the Metro Redux topic is about something completely different.

    So i spent last few hours playing with Metro Benchmark on flat screen to see what settings should i await for a playable VorpX experience (i5 6600, 16GB RAM, GTX 1060 6GB). Seems like the lowest settings should work (average 125 FPS @1080p).

    First VorpX didn’t attached at all but i found out that changing the game to DX11 worked. So DX12 isn’t working for me, but it has to be changed manualy.

    Now i’m trying to attach to the benchmark.exe which let’s you set up your game settings and after you hit “run”, the game runs MetroExodus.exe with some additional parameters. VorpX doesn’t attach with the original profile, so i created a new one (copy of the original) and attached the Benchmark.exe to it. It doesn’t work either.

    Is there a way to run the benchmark with VorpX at all?


    Under normal circumstances vorpX automatically sets the right rendering API for the game. I understand that you like to have full control over your settings, but in case you encounter any issues that you suspect you shouldn‘t encounter, please as the very first thing always try to let vorpX do what it is supposed to do. Will save you a lot of hassle, the auto settings feature exists to make your life easier by setting things up like they are supposed to be set up.

    In general: profiles usually are optimized for/work only with a specific API in games that support multiple APIs. There is no real point in trying other APIs than the one vorpX selects automatically or recommends as best in such a case.

    No idea about the benchmark, sorry.


    I just posted a message, edit it because of bad BBCode and it dissapeared. Can’t send the same because apparently the forums thinks it’s already been sent .. ?

    Probably has ID: #201837


    Nevermind, i’ll try it again:

    I’m pretty sure the auto settings feature was enabled, because after i manually changed to DX11 and restarted the game, VorpX attached successfully and managed to change resolution, FOV and few other lines in the .cfg file. But i will doublecheck it today. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be able to do it on the first try though. Do you think the DX12 should work? Not that i care much about it as i won’t be enabling ray tracing and DLAA on my GTX 1060 anyway, but maybe as a general info would be nice to hear.

    But let me just say something about the benchmark. In the game installation folder are 2 .exe files:

    MetroExodus.exe – the file which starts the game and VorpX attaches to
    Benchmark.exe – an official benchmarking tool

    From what i understand, it is a tooll with simple window that looks like this (not my screenshot):

    After you setup the settings and click RUN, the tool starts MetroExodus.exe with some additional parameters. Steam confirms it with a window where all the parameters are showed and asks you for confirmation. After you click OK, the game starts.

    From my point of view, VorpX should attach to the benchmark, because it’s basically MetroExodus.exe which runs the benchmark and to which VorpX succesfully attaches when i run the game itself. Any idea why it won’t attach?


    The profile is made for DX11, it doesn’t handle DX12. I can’t really say anything in regard to the benchmark. Never tried that.


    I doublechecked and i had the auto settings feature turned ON, but still had to change manualy to DX11. Nevermind, it works now.

    Apparently there’s no way to run the benchmark in VorpX. I’ve tried everything. Nevermind, i’ll try to find the best settings ingame.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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