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    Sorry to ask again but I still cannot get this game to work properly, since the patch all I get it double screens in my headset, as you would see if you were not looking through the headset while using the oculus?
    Any ideas please as this has be stumped, to be honest I get this with Dear Ester also now, only since last patch?
    Kind Regards


    Can you provide a screenshot? I’m not sure whether I understand the issue.

    If the game appears to look correctly in general (two images side by side), but you can’t converge them, please re-adjust your IPD. There have been some changes to the IPD calculation (which should work correctly again now), so your old value may not work anymore.

    if it’s a double injection issue (four screens visible) and you use a vorpX shortcut to launch the game, please pause the watcher. Shouldn’t happen, but in rare cases shortcut launching still may cause double injection while the watcher is running.

    Another cause for double injection may be a d3d9.dll present in the game folder or a second 3D driver running together with vorpX.


    Hey Ralf,
    Thanks for reply,
    Turns out the problem was a mixture of the IPD that I changed as you said and the new Nvidia Drivers 347.09, the new drivers can muck up some peoples Oculus by adding a 120Hz force to the screen. read a few boards and rolled back like they suggested and Boom all working.
    I love the fact that you can increase the 3d like you could with the old Tridef, I love to crank it up to 3.5 ish . so much 3d they all look like dolls, this is how I prefer to play the games.
    I does jerk a little bit and I doubt that the low persistence is working?

    But all in all I love it..
    Thanks so Much
    Kind Regards

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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