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    Hi ralf !
    there is an update on metro exodus, they implement a better DLSS (2.1), and new ray tracing lightning, coming on may.
    i obviously don’t know the amount of work to make it work in directX12 but still, is it in any plan of yours ?

    My metro exodus is long time paid, never played :)) and i’m gladly waiting from the start to play it on vorpx … it will be worth it !

    i’m patient, just wanted to know if it’s coming.
    the fps gain with dlss is just fucking awesome in some games (2080Ti owner)

    Thanks a lot for the work, we don’t say it enough :)


    everytime i enabled dlss in games with vorpx i had black eye in right lense (or left sometimes but i’m not sure about that)

    by “everytime” i mean the few games i tried and with g3D mode, i dont know about z3D.


    DX12 is currently Z3D only. I’ll check whether that’ll be possible, but for G3D DX11 will be required.

    DLSS: I did some pretty extensive DLSS on/off comparisons when I made the Cyberpunk 2077 profile. Obviously faster since it renders at a lower resolution, but it almost always also looks noticably worse, even at the highest quality setting. Clearly the best upscaling technique ever created, but it still doesn’t come close to rendering at native resolution. Good enough on a 4K monitor/TV seen from a distance, but in a VR headset? Not really in my opinion.


    I have the Steam version of Exodus and just tried to launch with Vorpx with no luck. Had been hoping to play this in 3D… any idea on why it might not be hooking?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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