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    Hi guys,

    4 days after getting VorpX to work, I had to open Word again; but it closed down within 0.1 sec. Same for Excel. Long story and 2 hours of Googling short:

    VorpX was trying to make me experience WordVR. However, this isn’t a thing yet and thus it crashes.

    Since I installed VorpX 4 days prior using office (outlook keeps going strong tho!) I didn’t think at first about VorpX, but in the end I figured it out.

    So, did you install VorpX and can’t you run Microsift Office Word or Excel? Do you get the Microsoft word has stopped working and the safe mode question? That crashing too? VorpX might be a bit over enthusiastic about things.

    Hope this helps some folks out there! :)


    Just a little heads up that you can add programs to the exclude list in the vorpX config app. vorpX will not try to hook into programs on that list.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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