Minigolf 3D

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    Minigolf 3D (G3D)

    The gameworld still has some surprises for us.So if you are into Minigolf, this game provides a very nice 3D together with VorpX. I was only able to play the german version ISBN:4020636042096, but there might be an international version availiable also.

    -get the G3D profile from the cloud

    -Best performance in Widescreen Cinema with Geometry Mode.
    -Experiment with the games camera settings and VorpX FOV enhancement.
    -Set Resolution to 1920×1080 or whatever res. you prefer in config/Minigolf.cfg.xml (lx for width and ly for hight)
    – Note: higher Res. then 1920 might make game crash
    -turn oFF shadows


    Minigolf VR

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