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    My Specs:
    Valve Index
    RTX 3080
    Ryzen 7 2700x
    16GB Ram

    i play for Example Fallout 76 in G3D in 2880×2160 (Borderless Window) and Medium Settings except the Textures on highest, in average 30-40 FPS using Fluidsync to 80 FPS, but in the Cities it crashes to 15-25 FPS. I had the same experience in other open world games in 3K or 4K in typical CPU intensive Locations, too.

    In high 3K and 4K Resolutions and average 40 FPS there should not be a Bottleneck of a CPU with my RTX 3080, CPU Bottlenecks are typically on 1080p and 1440p.

    Is it a Vorpx or SteamVR Problem, and should I buy a 12 or 16 core CPU to get better Minimum Frames ? Or is the setup of my Resolution, Graphic Settings and Fluidsync causing a CPU Bottleneck while using Vorpx ?


    A side effect of G3D is a higher CPU load on the main render thread, which leads to games becoming CPU limited more easily than in mono or Z3D. Since most current game engines are still pretty dependent on one main render thread CPU wise (FO76 definitely is), more cores don’t really help most of the time. With games becoming better optimized for multi-core rendering in the future that may change, but as of now it’s still the state of affairs for the vast majority of games. Right now the best CPU upgrade for gaming in general, and even more so for stereo 3D (G3D), would be an eight core CPU with maximum single core performance.

    BTW: incidentally I spent quite a bit of time optimizing vorpX’s DX11 G3D CPU footprint recently, in CPU bound scenarios you often will see a 10-15% FPS increase with the next vorpX. Typically only at lower resolutions where the CPU tends to be the limiting factor more easily, but it might also help in places with lots of draw calls (like cities) at higher resolutions in case these temporarily lead to a CPU limited situation.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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