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    Hi there. Just got VorpX, couldn’t believe I forked out the money I did, but I wanted to try what seems to be the best driver solution. I would definitely recommend you put up a 7 day trial or something to show people it is decent Ralf, it’s a lot of money – turns out it seems to be pretty good, with lots of options and it’s well integrated. For an early DK2 beta I’m pretty impressed.

    However, Mirror’s Edge is one hell of a whore to configure. Does anyone have some recommendations for settings to use? I’m having the whole “zoomed in” feeling to make the game fill my peripherals, I really need to massively increase the in game FOV so the zoom isn’t so bad – more vertically than anything. I feel that I need the resolution to be something like 4:3 to work well, but of course the Rift is a 16:9 display ratio so the game is picky about allowing anything else.

    Any help is welcome as a first time VorpX user :)


    Hi Russbo,

    Mirrors Edge has an entry in the game optimizer database to enhance the FOV (field of view), which is what you are looking for. You can find the optimizer in the vorpX config app, the menu entry is called Optimize Game Settings.

    For more general information on the matter you can take a look at the “How to get the most out of vorpX” guide in the vorpX documentation. This is an issue with many games, vorpX has several functions to deal with it.


    Yup, FOV fixed it. Thought I’d already applied the patch but it appeared I hadn’t. Mirror’s Edge doesn’t work /too/ badly with VorpX.

    Shame I doubt we’ll ever see positional tracking, unless you can tack something bodgy over the top that makes the experience a little less nauseating. I was really, really surprised when I found out that I had no issue with the speed or looking down buildings in Mirror’s Edge, it was purely the fact I couldn’t actually move my head in virtual space – I guess the initial wow of the VR effect has worn off now and my body is no longer tricked by it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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