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    Had a great time playing COD:ModernWarfare 3 and Ghosts, and also with Battlefront and other games, thanks to VorpX :)

    Now i am trying to get Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare REMASTERED to run, and i also found out that i just have to copy a profile like Ghosts and add the game.exe to it, it works great in 3D!

    BUT i cant get the FOV correct?!! I tried this “MWR FPS Changer”

    with Extreme Injector, i tried changing it in the .cfg (but the config is scrambled,so no luck), but i cant get this to work!!

    Its not even working without VorpX, so has anyone got this FOV-Hack to work with COD:Remastered?? Tried Anti-Virus on/off,run as admin,different injection methods…i also see it in the Process lists!!! But FOV doesnt change….

    Cant fully enjoy it with only ~65 FOV and a Vive…. :(

    Maybe some of you have a solution for this :)


    Hi, would like to try this out as well. Did you find a solution and is it worth the effort?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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