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    Hello Ralf!

    Thanks again for keeping updating Vorpx it’s fabulous!

    So, after trying Death Stranding, i see that DLSS is possible with Vorpx.
    I tought it was not possible, because when i want to try it with Monster Hunter World, it just dosn’t work in G3D… But Saying that, i remember that it’s maybe a G3D thing because it work well in Z3D in both Monster Hunter and Death Stranding if i remember well…

    SO! In Z3D no problem, but in G3D with Monster Hunter i have the left eye OK, but in the right one, i only see the HUD, everything else is just BLACK.

    Is it possible to fix this? Is it just on my side?

    Also : non-related to Monster Hunter, is G3D possible in the futur for Death Stranding? If yes i will maybe wait it, because this game have great performance in general and in Vorpx it seems.



    No problem with Monster Hunter World here. If you start the game with Z3D enabled and then switch to G3D, you may have to restart the game. In more complex games live switching from Z3D to G3D doesn’t always work right since vorpX for performance reasons doesn’t do all the bookkeeping required for G3D in Z3D mode. Restarting such games with G3D enabled should usually help.

    Apart from that please try to reset the game’s graphics settings to default, just in case.


    Ok i will try defaut graphics.

    But i have to say, i was talking about utilisation of DLSS in G3D.
    Not just G3D.
    My game start in G3D everytime, playing usually in 1920×1080 + supersampling 1.20x, it’s something like 1183p something like that… And it run “well”.

    But i think i might be able to run in 1440p with dlss (Monster Hunter doesn’t allow DLSS in resolutions lower than this), so using Nvidia DSR factor to reach that, but EVERYTHING in right eye except HUD is just all black…

    I will try also custom resolution without Nvidia DSR factor to see if it help, but if not i have no more idea…

    Can you confirm that you don’t have any issue on your side with G3D + DLSS?
    Not sure but i thought you don’t have an RTX i read, maybe an older post…
    And most of all, how can i fix this? I’m sure i can have the same performance with better resolution with DLSS, and it’s a little waste.


    Please don’t use any vendor specific features like DLSS currently. When in the future RTX cards become more widespread and more games get support for DLSS, I’ll look into that, for the time being please just don’t use it if it causes problems.


    Oh okay thanks! So if it’s not already really compatible, and it’s not just an issue on my side, but a thing known to not be fully compatible no problem!

    I will just stop trying it ^^

    Also i have to add : In Z3D mode with both Monster Hunter World and Death Stranding, DLSS seems to work well!
    Death Stranding was just a little flickering sometimes when i enabled DLSS, but disable/re-enable it fixed the issue, nothing too serious!

    And in this situation performance is great… I have 80FPS in 1440p with dlss, not fluctuating or just a little, and rĂ©solution is really goos with DLSS 2.0! Using new Sync method on a 2070 super. Hope this will become a thing G3D + DLSS in the future!

    If it help to say it…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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