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    The 3D in RDR2 looks absolutely fantastic with Alternate Frame Geometry! Is that something we might see more of (I’d love to see Cyberpunk 2077 get support).

    Ralf, I believe you did RDR2’s with Vulkan? Is that easier to support? Something that’s quite exciting is DXVK (but not only for Linux use). It works out of the box with almost every Windows game too. Many games that use older DX APIs, you can get a bit faster performance. I got roughly the same when running Cyberpunk 2077 in Vulkan.


    To play the Cyberpunk 2077 Addons in Alternate Frame Geometry would be great !


    I believe Ralf mentioned this was uniquely done by modding the game engine directly, not API, and was only possible because the RDR2/GTA5 engine facilitates such a camera mod.

    It would be neat of course if others can be modified for AFR, but I still much prefer vorpX G3D and the control options it has. One blessed day we’ll have dx12 G3D :)


    @dellrifter22 VK3DVision supports AFR in a lot of different engines. The upcoming Zelda: BOTW VR mod uses it even in an emulator. It’s certainly not a limitation of a single engine.

    One interesting thing VK3DVision does is it can pause the game to capture both frames before going to the next frame, so it doesn’t actually have to switch between the eyes, you can take the “half framerate” hit if you want instead (though geometry 3D often takes about half your performance anyway)


    I’ll definitely check whether something similar will be possible for Cyberpunk 2077. Can’t say anything useful in that respect though since I haven’t really done any research yet.

    On a sidenote: tinkering with timing functions almost certainly trips off anticheat software. Only use stuff like that in pure single player games without any online component.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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