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    Hi folks/Ralf :)

    first of all thanks for vorpx ralf. <3 and sorry for my bad english….

    After searching hours and hours for an answer that could solve my problem i give it a last try here in the forums.
    Problem is: when i move my head in morrowind the picture stutters. when i move the mouse instead of my head everythings fine…..:(
    i use the morrowind overhaul 2.0.(german) and i know there could be problems using mods but i also try disabling all mods and check different mges. nothing happens.
    i try disabling mouse acceleration in windows and ingame. same…..
    i guess that the answer is easy as f+#k but i didnt get it
    Game FPS is 90
    Direct Mode FPS 90

    my specs are:
    gtx 1080ti
    8gb ram :(

    Btw when im playing the forest or other games in vr everthing just fine….

    Hope for an answer


    no one? :-)


    last week i bought +8gb ram. now i have 16gb ram….but it doesnt fix the problem… :(

    Schöne Grüße aus und nach Bremen (wir könnten fast Nachbarn sein Ralf)


    I would assume that there maybe are some slight differences in frame times that make the head tracking not entirely smooth. Such things usually can be reduced by enabling “Fluid Sync” on the display page of the vorpX ingame menu, which should be the default in most cases with the latest vorpX version. This way you only get 45 true FPS plus one interpolated frame in between two real ones, which sounds worse than 90/90, but there is a chance that it can seem smoother than Fluid Sync disabled.

    In case you have expert settings enabled and changed the “Direct Mode GPU Sync” setting on the same page, please make sure to reset it to the default value “Safe”. Other values can lead to missed frames, jumpy head traking etc. despite the frame counter showing perfect 90/90.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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