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    Ive got morrowind goty , ive got morrowind overhaul 3.0 installed and just bought vorpx just to play this game.

    It opens in the rift fine but the left and right image im seeing are way off and not aligned, also the game is bright white with no textures…

    any ideas? Again… I bought vorpx just for this one game so pretty bummed its not working.


    Ive spent all day reinstalling this game and installing the overhaul following this german translated guide found here…

    I followed the directions word for word and now when I run morrowind the menu is just a red screen with a black box, if I click around and get lucky to start the game I start in the boat and headtracking works but everything is red or shades of red and just like before the 2 images im seeing dont match up, they are separated and its nauseating like your drunk and crosseyed.

    Im getting really frustrated, this game is only reason I bought vorpx and spent a whole day trying to get it to work.
    Unfortunately it seems noone plays or cares about this game, how can I get help with this?


    Finally after a whole day and 4 installs of morrowind …I got it working by skipping out on the overhaul and just installing MGE EX.

    In my rift config my IPD is 67, I also set vorpx to 67 and did not checkmark “use user profile” but in the game the images were out of focus…once changing my ipd ingame with vorpx settings to 64 everything is in focus.

    I messed with all the settings trying to figure the problem out on the first tab that opens when you hit the del key to bring up vorpx menu.

    Anyone know what these default settings should be?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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