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    This one is not in full VR, and works best in cinema mode.

    But wow, I’m finding it really adds some immersion and makes me feel like I’m on the bike, so if you like this game, give it a go.

    It took me a lot of practice (before I ever tried it in VR) to start hitting the apexes and able to compete with AI, so I’m not saying this will suddenly make you a great rider, but I actually think the Vorpx cinema view has helped me find the apexes just a little easier.

    At first it might seem annoying that you can see the edges of the screen, but in less than a lap I forgot about it, and actually began looking much further ahead through the corners, instead of looking straight ahead for the apex.

    Anyway, I think I copied a MotoGP14 profile a while back and used it for MotoGP15. I have only adjusted the view distance, turned off the vertical screen curve & changed the background to ‘none’. I think that’s all.

    Hope someone else might enjoy it.

    (Oculus Rift CV1)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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