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    I have searched for a while now. (About 2 days) No one that i have found has the exact problem. They start out but end wtih that their mouse is stuck or something.

    Mine is that i cant click on things. Everything else is fine. I can run Arma 3 (As exampel) in “show on desktop” through VorpX but when i launch it throught the oculus i cant click on things with the cursor. Dont know if its the resoulutinon that is fakeing the buttons but if i press outside it will tab me out of the game. So it cant be that.

    The only thing i can do while in a game is press the left or right keys and most games doesnt work great with that.

    English is not my native langued sorry for any misspellings


    hello ep1cminer
    You can try using the cursor vorpx prepared for stereoscopy,(added apart)in many cases.
    alt c: enabled/disables this cursor. It is very good improvement.

    PD:another common “problem”,jam or ingame mouse cursor no movement, when trying to use vorpx menu.
    Solution: push esc in the game to pause, now should work.
    sorry my english :)


    It might not have awenserd my problem being i couldnt click on stuff while using my mouse but thanks anyway.

    Notice: (For others with the same problem)
    And for others that have the same problem. Just set your oculus in to “Use system settings” after that do the same thing in the VorpX client. After that you should be able to use your mouse.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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