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    Since I’ve installed VorpX, MPC-HC crashes whenever I try to stream it through Discord screenshare. Happens regardless if VR is hooked up, VorpX turned on, VorpX service running or stopped. Starting computer with VR already unhooked was taken into consideration, didn’t make a difference. I tried disabling removing known overlays and applying optimizations, didn’t help either.


    vorpX changes MPC-HC’s video output method when you launch it for the first time with vorpX. Maybe the method it selects is incompatible with Discord.

    You can restore the prior state in the vorpX config app (‘Restore Game Settings’).

    If you still encounter your issue after doing that, it can’t be related to vorpX. vorpX does nothing while it’s not runing.


    I understand it’s hard to believe some random guy who came out of nowhere and claims to know better, but I’ve been using MPC-HC for years with no issues, even this very installation for about 4 years, as I haven’t had to reinstall my system for any reason but migration to SSD. I’ve been using Discord+MPC-HC consistently and 100% bug free literally every day for past 10 months and it only started crashing today after installing VorpX. I did chose to revert changes, but it didn’t help, regardless of VorpX being turned on or off. could it have anything to do with the fact Windows 7 is pretty much ancient at this point? (It’s 64bit fyi)

    Edit/Solution: I reread what you said and decided to check settings based on that, it appears revert didn’t bring back the original video output method.
    To anyone having that problem in the future, go to View > Options > Output and change DirectShow Video back to System Default.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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