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    I know, the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has its own VR implementation but it has some limitations. I want to use it in Mixed Qeality mode with my Quest 2 (later Quest 3 if it will work). With the SteamVR App called “Reality Mixer” i am able to use the passthrough Cameras of my Quest to see my Hardware Panels, Joysticks and Knobs. That will bring the Flightsim to a next level. But, while MSFS in VR mode I’m not able to pop out the Flightsim flight displays to a separate monitor (iPad) anymore. I guess ASOBO has disabled this option in VR. This will make the whole project obsolete.
    My idea ist to use VorpX to bring the MSFS to VR and while the Sim is not in VR mode the panels should still moveable to my displays.
    I have made some tests yesterday but i coul’nt get the combination with Quest2, Virtual Desktop, SteamVR and MSFS to work. I can see the SteamVR home on my headset, start MSFS, a small window appears with an injection message and then an inso that the injection does take too long. I hae some options with alternate injection and install an handler. I’ve tried several cloud profiles and option but couldn’t get it to work.

    Is it generally possible to use VorpX with MSFS over SteamVR on my Quest2? How?
    Thx forward

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