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    Good Afternoon,
    Im still REALLY new to Vorpx. Is it possible to have the primary display (game) and a second display (video)shown (like picture in picture style display)? I’m looking to play a game and have a second “window” for video viewing. I have seen the /output n and /output all arguments for the launcher but I would like 2 display 2 of my 3 connected displays (or create a virtual display within Vorpx). Thank you in advance for the info.


    That’s not something vorpX can do, but there are two tools for displaying desktop windows within games: OVRDrop and DailyOVR.

    Caveat 1: I never tried them, and have absolutely no idea if or how well they work together with vorpX. But it’s worth a shot.

    Caveat 2: Both are using SteamVR IIRC, so you will have to use vorpX in SteamVR mode, which depending on your headset might not be 100% ideal.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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