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    Overall, VorpX is the best damn piece of software that money can buy. There a slight issues here or there, usually very very minor. But my #1 request for a change would be to spend some time seeing if those damn mismatched G3D shadows can ever be fixed. Where your eyes are not seeing the same shadows and it hurts your brain. I know, if it was easy it would have been done by now. Maybe its near impossible. But just thought I’d voice my one small vote on feature direction.


    I agree with that, almost finished with Bioshock 1 by now, and broken shadows really blow up the ridiculous immersion that Vorpx can achieve, and sometimes they mess wirh your brain badly. You learn to ignore them / not look at them, but yeah they really hurt the experience and give the sense that in the end this is a hacked game after all.


    Yeah, i agree, that’s the reason i’ll stick with Z3D for now, for every game that uses dynamic shadows.


    Most shadows can easily be fixed by using the shader settings page.

    – Step through the shaders in “Hide” mode (right top)
    – When ever a broken shadow disapperas make the corresponding shader “active”
    – Either set the active shader to “shadow” or “dont render”, sometimes other settings can help as well like “no stereo” for exapmle
    – Most games have more then one “shadow” shader, so proceed until you have fixed all of them
    – Tipp: Setting shaders to “shadow” enables you to use the “G3D shadow treatment” setting on the image settings page so you can switch beetween modes / disable shadows with one mouse click

    Not shure though if this can be done with factory profiles. If not, make a copy of the profile and rename the exe of the game. Add the renamed exe to the user profile.


    I wonder if ray tracing implementation could provide an easy solution for perfect vorpX shadows in future games.

    Lighting and shadows are indeed a big part of what makes games look better and more real. Would truly be neat if there was some way to correct this.

    I know skilled modders in 3D communities are able to do shadow correction in many games. How is this done? Can this be done for vorpX? Is it a matter of difficultly and time consumption? Too heavy on performance? What are the constraints?

    The authoring tool has been handy in many ways. I know it can hide shadows, attempt to resolve convergence etc. Is there some way it could be made to better address dynamic shadows? Like ability to adjust a shadow layer in an eye manually over slightly to the side? I realize dynamic light is more complicated, I just wonder if something could improve shadows artificially. We see how shaders can be hidden and scaled fairly easy, can they be moved around perhaps?


    My assumption is that the different light sources which differ in distance to each eye result in very different shadows. Depending on the number of light sources and the distance to each eye you get more ore less “Stereo shadows” (different shadows for each eye). I think vorpX is catching that with the shader tools quite well (no stereo, no transform, shadow ect). I think a universal solution would be too much resource eating and at the end you have still some light sources/shadows beeing not covered by random reflections for example. New games are very complex concerning that. (hope im not talking crap here


    @ dellrifter: vorpX will get the ability for shader replacements eventually, BUT: I will only provide the tools. The actual fixes however have to be a community effort for (relatively obvious) legal reasons. No commercial entity can distribute modified game shader code in a legally correct way. As soon as money gets involved, that’s an absolute no-go.

    @ RJK: No, you are perfectly right. There is no universal solution to this. Such fixes have to be done on a per game basis by editing shaders, which is only possible as part of a community effort for the reason outlined above.

    Considering who is the OP of the thread is :) I’d also like to seize the opportunity and repeat the recommendation to not raise the 3D-Strength above a sensible level. Sorry for sounding a bit like a broken record in that regard. Really bad shadow glitches may well be self inflicted damage. With a 3D-Strength that is correct for VR, i.e. a virtual eye distance of ~6.5cm that results in a lifelike world scale, mismatching shadows are at least passable in many cases. Doesn’t help always, but there is a good chance that not cranking up the 3D-effect beyond reality level is enough. The more you overdo the 3D-effect, the uglier it gets.


    Interesting, I hadn’t even considered that aspect.

    I’d be keen to learn how to use such tools, and happy to do fixes for the games I own.

    Thanks for the reply.

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