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    I’m seeking help and my posts keep disappearing?

    Ok, I’ll edit this one as it seems to be hanging around.

    Seeking any help with a strange phenomena. In ever game I get a red warning about the fps being too low, it’s always showing 27-28 fps. I then start changing settings in game, and it seems to have no affect. Changing in game Vorpx settings also doesn’t seem to help

    I can set the resolution high, shows 27-28 fps, I can set it to the lowest possible, still shows 27-28 fps. I can set every in game setting to the lowest possible, it still shows 27-28 fps.

    Right now I’m trying to get Outlast, and or Outlast 2 to look respectable, and at least playable. I can set the settings, and resolution high or low, it always shows 27-28 fps, and really doesn’t look very good.

    I have a lot of other vr titles like DCS, Elite Dangerous, Xplane, about 20 Oculus games/apps, and about 20 Steam games/apps. All of them play at medium to high settings without any issue.

    I have a Rift Cv1, and always turn ASW off, I can’t stand it, and will never use it. I have it disabled whenever I start a game up.

    My system is a i5 8400, 16gb DDR4 2666, GTX 1060 6gb, running up to date Win 10. Like I stated earlier, all my other vr games/apps run fine at med to high settings, or more.

    Why am I only seeing 27-28 fps when using Vorpx, even after changing all settings to the lowest possible?

    And yes, I’ve read all the “essential reading” sections in these forums, nothing seems to help.


    The original post title should read “Performance Issues”, I can’t seem to change it at this point.


    Geometry 3D is very demanding to run, essentially rendering the game twice plus the slight overhead of vorpX processing it all correctly for the headset. You’ll need a pretty high-end PC to run newer graphics intensive games at respectable resolutions and framerates.

    Even high-end hardware is going to need help from ASW to run modern games. Not only will it help to simulate a “doubled” framerate, it will help for smoother headtracking. I would strongly encourage you to leave it on.

    Most vorpX games provide the optional Z-normal 3D, which is much faster. So if you are getting below 45 fps, it is recommended you switch to Z-normal. It won’t look quite as convincing as Geometry up close, but does a good job to give depth to the overall scene.

    I know it’s not the answer you want to hear, but I’m afraid you either need to try playing some much less demanding games (HL2, portal), or consider upgrading hardware.


    Every time I try to edit a response it get’s deleted, what’s with this board? Can you not edit a post multiple times?

    I’ll try again…

    Thanks for the response. I guess the point I’m trying to make is changing settings doesn’t seem to have any affect. That red fps warning is always 26-28 fps, regardless of the settings. That doesn’t make any sense.

    I’ve tried Z-normal, it’s what I have it set at now.

    As far as ASW, it’s always disabled in everything I run, and I have no issues. Everything else runs just fine with it off. I cannot stand the artifacts with ASW on, so it’s never going to be “on” at my end. I’ve had this Rift for 1.5 yrs, done lots of experimenting in various games, and it’s one setting that will never get changed.

    Still curious why changing settings in game, or vorpx, seems to have no affect on that fps reading? It always displays those values, regardless the changes I make. It’s as if “something” is locking the value there, hence the poor performance overall. I should be able to “bottom out” the settings, and see that value rise, but it never does. Again, it doesn’t make sense. I have no problem reaching 45, and or 90 fps without vorpx, why such low “reported values” with vorpx.

    Example, only to get my point across. With med to high settings I see 26-28 fps warning, fine. If I set “everything” to as low as possible, and optimize vorpx to it’s fullest, I shouldn’t still be seeing a fps warning with values of 26-28. There should be no warning at all, or values much closer to 44-45 fps, as is required. This simple isn’t happening.


    Sometimes the board’s spam filter unfortunately seems to consider editing posts spamming for whatever reason. Sorry for the inconvenience. To minimize the chance of that happening try not to edit posts if possible. Instead double check whether a post looks correct to you before you submit it.

    Regarding your issue: a GTX 1060 is pretty much the absolute minimum for vorpX. As dellrifter said above, switching to Z-Buffer 3D will probably make the most difference, especially for newer games you should consider that. Z3D doesn’t look as good, but is a lot faster. Geometry 3D typically costs about 50% of your desktop gaming performance since everything has to be drawn twice. On top that there is some additional overhead for rendering to the headset.


    As stated already, I’m currently using Z-buffer3d. It still doesn’t answer why that fps value never changes when I change game settings. I can run Outlast on higher settings, it shows 26-28 fps. I can then set everything to absolute lowest, and it still shows 26-28 fps, and I don’t really see any difference in game.

    Sorry, but non of this is making any sense.


    Indeed, that doesn’t make much sense. Try to reset your graphics driver 3D settings to default in the nVidia control panel to make sure no forced Vsync is getting in the way. Also try with and without “Fluid Sync” in the vorpX menu (image page).

    Also check your actual ingame framerate with ALT+F, the framerate warning might appear due to low framerate during loading screens while the actual framerate is OK.


    The only setting I change in the Nvidia control panel is power to max, everything else is default.

    I tried changing the Fluid Sync, both instances using Alt-f in game it shows “Game Fps:45 Direct Mode Fps 85-90”, so the menu fps warning is somewhat off I guess? I did have ASW on for the fps test.

    This was in Outlast, with resolution at 1280 x 960, and all settings at “Very Low”.

    I don’t think I’d be able to play for too long though. It’s still “not smooth”, and makes me feel queasy after a few minutes. I’ve had vr long enough now (1.5 yrs) that I’m used to it, and can play everything for hours without feeling queasy, but not running like this.

    I think I’ve tried all the optimizations I can in Vorpx, I certainly can’t set the game any lower.


    45fps as game fps is perfectly right with Fluid Sync enabled in vorpX. If you are sensitive to motion sickness, you might want to stick to older games for now that can reach full 90fps and ideally also have DirectVR head tracking for 100% perfect head tracking with as little latency as possible.

    Half-Life 2 that dellrifter suggested above fits into both categories, you will find others in this list.


    I had Bioshock Infinite, installed it, and it plays/looks/feels a lot better than either of the Outlast titles.

    Thanks for the suggestions and help.


    Glad you found something.

    BTW: A good general way to deal with motion sickness is switching the ‘Play Style’ option to ‘Immersive Screen Mode’. Not quite as immersive as ‘Full VR’, but still miles better than not playing a game at all because performance isn’t good enough on your machine.

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