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    So got my DK2 through on Friday there [3 days ago] and have spent time on and off over the weekend to get it into a usable state, easier said than done so it seems. Figured I’d post my experience in case it proves useful for anyone else having similar issues.

    First up: Oculus Runtime DK2 for Windows, grabbed this from the official Oculus site

    Once the Oculus config tool is up and running and working properly I had to set the viewing mode from ‘Direct App Access’ to ‘Part of Extended Desktop’. Running Direct Access nothing VorpX was meant to pickup would run on the DK2.

    Secondly: VorpX installed itself ok and booted up fine after a restart of my comp. This is where the issues really started.

    First time I tried to launch something I noticed it would only run on my monitor, not on the DK2. So I started playing with the windows 7 Screen resolution settings to see if I could find a solution.

    I had four or five different aggravating setups at one point or another. With the monitors set to ‘extend’ and the DK2 at 1080×1920 and landscape flipped as it’s meant to be to work games would open without fail on the monitor instead of the DK2.

    To try and combat this I went down the route of ‘Cloning’ the monitors, this resulted in a bizarre problem where the game would launch but only exist in a tiny strip down the left hand side of the screen so I was forced to switch back to extend mode.

    In order to force games to run on the DK2 I [without thinking it through] then went on to set the DK2 to primary monitor. This let me run games perfectly on the DK2, or it would have had I been able to use the rift lenses to actually see and navigate the desktop.

    After an hour or so of just trying to get my monitor back to my primary display I was about ready to give up and decided to have a go with a 3rd party tool I used to use for getting two different desktop backgrounds on my pc at work. This being ‘DisplayFusion’ google it for info. This turned out to the saving grace of the operation and is something I’d highly recommend to everyone having issues getting DK2 and VorpX to run properly. After setting the DK2 back to primary display I toggled a few settings around to finalize things.

    Within DisplayFusion you can turn on ‘multiple taskbars’ setting the option for all taskbars to display all windows allows you to use the start menu and view open windows on your monitor even with the DK2 set as primary display. It may take a little while to rebuild your desktop shortcuts onto the monitor again but after that it’s just like having the monitor as the primary display but programs including games will open naturally on the DK2.

    After that when opening programs and such they’ll try to open on the rift yes but with DisplayFusion installed you can shift-right click on icons in the taskbar choose to move them to another monitor, allowing you to use a monitor as normal.

    After that a few personal preferences to get things more comfortable for me. Using the [DEL] key menu in-game to turn off VorpX gamepad handling was first priority, after that was off I used another third party program called Xpadder [again google it] to overwrite the functionality of the 360 controllers guide button in favor of pressing the middle mouse button instead to toggle on/off edge peek as I feel this is the only VorpX specific function totally necessary for normal play.

    That’s my story, loving it now. Great product folks but a bit of a bother to get running perfectly right away. Hope this might help out a few folk that are having similar issue to what I went through.


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