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    Hello everyone,

    I am new on here and just began using the software a few days ago testing out just a few games just to see what the experience was like. I would like to say first off that my experience so far with older titles has been mind blowing. One thing I did want to point out though and this may be me just having to tinker with all settings.. I find myself trying to figure out the FOV settings and controller setups for each game. A few games in particular that worked flawlessly for me was Mirror’s Edge, Duke Nukem Forever, Dishonored. I pretty much just loaded up the game, went into the menu, hit direct vr scan and voila full vr was working as intended by the software.

    Now the games I’ve been having issues with and this may be just be a me problem and not understanding which settings to adjust but I did try to adjust FOV for these game but it just didn’t come out quite right are Skyrim SE, Deus Ex Human Revolution(sorta already works with Direct VR).


    FOV scanning appears to be broken with the current Skyrim SE build, thanks for the heads-up. Probably it’s not in the memory range anymore that the scanner expects. I’ll see what I can do, might only require a profile update. If so I’ll upload a database update within the next few days.

    For the the time being open the game’s console with the ‘~’ key (the key below ESC) and type ‘fov 112 112’ (without the quotes). Confirm with enter. Alternatively you can switch to good old DX9 Skyrim, with the added benefit of much better performance.

    As far as FOV is concerned for games where vorpX can’t handle it automatically: depending on the game that might be a bit tricky, but there always is a solution. Either by changing game settings or with some external tool. And even if there is no way to adjust FOV at all, vorpX provides a (non-perfect) workaround that always works.

    More detailed information on the topic can be found in the help under ‘Essential Game Hints’ and ‘The 1-2-3 Game Setup’.


    Thank you for the tips. I did exactly what you told me in the skyrim settings and everything looks great now. Once again, thank you.


    Usually, FOV is approximately the same in every first person game (it only depends on the headset).
    I think 110-120 si good for Reverb G2.
    Less for Quest 3 (maybe 90 ? others will know)

    A lot of games have ingame fov sliders (even without VorpX).
    In other games, you can usually set FOV in .ini/.cfg files (in game directory, Appdata, Savegames, or ProgramData).
    Some games have a console command ingame.

    Other needs mods or tools.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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