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    Greetings to more experienced Vorpxers. I recently tried it out for the first time, hoping to use my Quest 2 to play Portal 2 (best game ever!) in true 3D. It was not a happy first test drive.

    (Note: I’ve been successful in getting Virtual Desktop working and playing SteamVR games wirelessly, so I’m not a total Quest 2 n00b, just a Vorpx n00b. Win10, Steam, AMD 5700XT, i8700K, loads of RAM, Quest 2, official Link cable)

    I used my Link cable to try Vorpx because I had read that it did not play well with VD. Vorpx installed and launched successfully and the Configure app seemed to work OK. I chose appropriate profiles from the games menu. Everything seemed to be going according to the readme.

    But, whether I tried Portal or Portal 2, I had similar deal-breaker issues: really poor rez, my avatar seemed to be 8 feet tall, major crawl and jaggies (like no AA at all), and huge distortion in peripheral vision, like every time I turned my head the world was stretching and bending in a very disturbing way.

    I got VRsick very fast, less than 10 minutes, just looking around and walking (never got to any portal-jumping!) and had to quit — and this is a new problem for me, I never get VRsick. After playing, my eyeballs hurt (also a new experience).

    Instead of a seamless VR experience I seemed to be looking at a spherical projection screen (a rectangle wrapped around a sphere) floating in a big gray limbo. Maybe this is how it’s supposed to look? I could zoom in to this projection and then it (sorta) seemed like 3d, but with the awful distortion everywhere outside the central focus area. Also head turning seemed to be overmapped bigtime, like small head movements resulted in disproportionate camera rotation (also making me dizzy).

    Anyway my Vorpx first test flight was a bummer. I’m hoping I just have missed some obvious configuration options (dumb n00b error) and it actually works much better than that, ‘cos I can’t understand how it got good reviews based on my fairly horrible experience. If anyone else has succeeded with Portal 2 in particular, I’d sure like to know what you did right.



    you can raise the game resolution for better image quality in the game’s video options. Note that for Portal 2 it has to be a 4:3 resolution (e.g. 1920×1440). If your PC does not support this resolution, check the “custom resolutions” section in the vorpX help for a step-by-step guide.


    Did you run the DirectVR memory scanner? The right value should be cached for Portal 2, but in case the game has been updated recently, you might have to re-run the scanner. There should be a message popping up about that in the headset as well as in the top/left corner of the game window.

    After a successful scanner run the FOV is adjusted to fit the FOV of your headset and you get 1:1 low latency tracking including positional tracking.


    The “Essential Hints Guide” in the vorpX help has a lot of useful information that helps you understand how vorpX works.


    You should press CTRL+L when the game has loaded and you are in a level (not on the main menu). I had the same issue, everything looked wrong, and then I did that and it was perfect.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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