Need some help to fix a few issues with Train Sim World (UE4) (With Demo Video)

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    Using Conarium profile.


    * Game doesn’t have FOV setting. Geo 3D FOV fix works but lighting bugs and pop in is present. This also means Z Normal is not an option

    * The position tracking is a bit weird, when moving away from the default position and turning the head, the position also moves in a circle around the default position. You can see this here: (IRL I moved my head above the switches and looked around a bit)


    The fov memory injection Vorpx uses will often cause pop-in. Obviously an in-game setting would not have that problem. I looked around and there seems to be settings for fov in TSW’s latest patch for very wide resolutions:

    There is also a ue4 general setting that causes fisheye, but maybe with a high enough 4:3 resolution and using vorpx zoom that warping effect would be beyond your vision inside a headset.

    If the fov has really been fixed in a patch for wider resolutions you could also try using a nvidia ultra wide custom resolution [which might make the fov natively increase] and then zoom in with vorpx.

    The positional oddness might be fixed by turning off positional tracking or temporarily moving your head back/foward and resetting centre headset at that new point.
    Or changing the Vorpx aspect ratio setting in combination with shift + mouse wheel for zoom.

    I don’t have the game, but hope this helps.


    There isn’t a setting for ultrawide resolutions, it was just fixed that now the FOV scales correctly. The workaround that was possible before has been disabled now.

    I am running a 3440×1440 monitor and so I have messed around with basically all resolutions and aspect ratios reasonably possible in this situation and nothing resulted in a usable FOV.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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