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    Hi there :)
    New to Vorpx and bought it to play Fallout 76 in 3D.
    The 3D grahpics looks great, but my problems are:

    1. Guns looks enormous when you use them.

    2. When i bring out the pipboy menu, i can se half of it on the left, if i turn my head the “world” turns like it should, but the menu is stil way of to the left.

    3. Top of the map is suppose to show some option, like the social list, but like the pip boy menu you can’t see them…

    4. i Normaly use a Xbox elite controller, it acts exactly like it would on my xbox (mapping) but when i use Vorpx is all messed up…

    I guess i need a modified ini file for fallout 76 and also a tweaked profile for Vorpx ? not sure how this works, but would love some help here :)

    I was under the impression that it was more or less just to fire up vorpx and fallout, and it should work :)


    Weapon models often are rendered with a different FOV than the rest of the scene to look good on a monitor. Unfortunately that can make them look bigger than they should in VR.

    Use EdgePeek for the PipBoy and menu. EdgePeek can be enabled by pressing the middle mouse button or the left (or right? can’t remember 100%) gamepad thumbstick.

    Gamepad: run the DirectVR scan (ALT+L or in the vorpX menu). After the scan has been completed sucessfully, your gamepad should work natively. Before running the scan vorpX has to override the gamepad since the game does not allow mouse (required for head tracking without DirectVR) and gamepad to be used at the same time. With DirectVR active, vorpX doesn’t need to emulate a mouse for head tracking anymore and thus turns off the gamepad override.

    BTW: If you haven’t done so already, check the ‘Quick Start Guide’ and the ‘Essential Hints Guide’ in the vorpX help. There you will find more useful tips like the one about EdgePeek.


    Thanks Ralf, got a bit more working.
    Importing the older user made cloud profile made the FOV more like normal.

    EdgePeek wont work when you use the menu version of the pip-boy (there are 2 pip boy modes), half the menu will be outside of the screen.
    Switching to normal pip boy helps, but you newest profile makes the pip boy way to small to read, in the older cloud version the pip boy is much larger, is there a manual way of changing this ?

    At the bottom of the game screen you have 3 bars, left middle and right, those are very important and you need to be able to see them all the time, i can zoom out if i edit the profile, but then i get black bars all around the picture, using Edgepeek for this will make any player die very fast, at least if you are playing a bloodied character..

    And for last:
    What i meant in my other post is that i Use a Xbox Elite controller, with Microsofts own usb dongle, this works very good in fallout 76, if the controller is turned on when i start fallout it will find the controller and exchange all places you normal see what keyboard button to press with the xbox controllers real button names, VorpX seems to block this, and that is a bit bad since it will need a lot of re mapping in Vorpx to get it to work like it usually does.

    I don’t think there even is a mapping for some of the buttons / uses of the original xbox controller in VorpX ?

    Btw, DirectVR scanning fails every time…


    Any more help on this Ralf ? :)
    Would really like to get this working, right now something seems broken…


    I have to look into it. Constantly updated games always have a relatively high risk of something breaking with a game update. Will check it before the next vorpX release.

    Not quite sure how using EdgePeek wouldn’t help though. In EdgePeek mode all HUD scaling etc. gets disabled. If the game still looks different in EdgePeek mode compared to playing without vorpX, set the ‘EdgePeek 3D Multiplier’ option to 0.0 (might require expert settings enabled in the config app to become available).

    If you tweaked any other vorpX settings, please also try to reset the profile to default in the config app. No vorpX settings tweaking whatsoever should be necessary for this game.

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