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    HalfLife 2 is great in VorpX now
    Played Episode 1 before with many glitches, geometry problems and poor flashlight/lighting

    Halflife 2 with direct VR is AMAZING now! I recommend it. I find it better than Fallout 4. Also it is easy to get 90 fps in geometry mode with 2x resolution upscale, 8x anti aliasing and 1600×1200 (I have GTX 1080) resolution so looks nice. Go ahead and play it!

    Glad I did not play Episode 2. Now I have something to look forward to.

    Hint: I find it looks way better with the HUD off.
    Console Command ~
    Cl_drawhud 0


    Too bad there isn’t a way to get the controllers working for weapons like the doom3 vr mod. That would be crazy.


    At this time,a mod is being developed that will allow all modes,including roomscale,and motion controllers…
    It is a mod quite similar to doom 3 vr mod.

    Here a video:

    Some games like Doom 3/Doom 3 bfg,and Half Life 2,are games that soon have native support by mod,(doom 3 already works in fact),on the other hand,Fallout 4 will receive this year official native support,therefore,I prefer to lose Time in this moment,trying other adaptations with Vorpx for other games that will hardly ever have native support nor through mod at all.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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