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    Hi, I’ve tried googling this issue and I haven’t found much about VorpX itself but have found variable answers for 3dVision.

    If I was trying to decide between a GTX 780ti at 3gb VRAM or a 780 6gb VRAM for the sole and specific purpose of running games through VorpX, which would lead to higher frame rates and no studdering (outside of SDK issues) with a game like Skyrim at max settings in Geometry 3d mode? I understand it’s a taxing game and that is why I’m asking about VorpX. Does VorpX need the 6gb VRAM due to rendering the image twice? Or is the more horsepower of the 780 ti more important? How much extra VRAM does VorpX typically use? 2x as much? Or is the extra processing mainly affect the processor on the card?

    I know that’s a lot to ask, but for those of use who are looking to upgrade our graphics card for smoother high quality geometry 3d in future releases of VorpX supported games it would be beneficial to know what’s most important. Clock speed or VRAM.

    Note : I’m aware the next series of Nvidia cards are coming out soon but that’s when I’ll be buying one of these two cards. They will most likely drop in price or can find them used. If money wasn’t an issue I’d get a Titan Z lol. Thanks for all help. :)


    Actually stereo3d adds very little to the vram usage. The data needed for the 2 images is not double. The rendering is doubled so the speed and efficiency of the GPU is more important. Most tests see around 5% increase in vram usage when running in stereo3d. Though these tests are for shutter glasses and NVidia 3dvision they are very comparable. As far as stereo rendering they are doing the same thing. So in short unless vorpx is very different from other stereo drivers you would definitely see better performance with the 780ti. As for Skyrim if you are thinking more vram more mods you should look up what happened to people who bought Titans for all the vram. Skyrim seemed to crash when vram usage got up to past 3gb whether you had more than 3gb or not. Unless somebody fixed that 6gb is wasted on that game. Titan Z is a dual GPU card but only one of the GPUs will work in vorpx, Right now the best card for VR is a 780 Ti.


    Dukealicious is mostly right. It may be more than 5% in some cases, but nowhere near 50%. A stereo driver doubles the memory usages for render targets, but most VRAM is used for game data like models and textures, so you only see a relatively small overall increase.

    Rendering performance however is roughly cut in half in Geometry 3D, since everything has to be rendered twice, but not so in Z-Buffer 3D, which works almost as fast as mono rendering.


    Thank you both for the in depth answers, that certainly helped me a bunch! :) My goal is to be able to play VorpX injected games in geometry mode as it is mind blowingly awesome! I think Z-Buffer 3d looks good too, but once you see geometry mode pop, it’s hard to settle for less if you can afford the hardware upgrade costs.

    That being said. Ralph, one of the things I found in Z-Buffer 3D mode is that the depth could not be set higher than 2.0 and it wasn’t high enough for me, personally. I was wondering if it will allow a higher setting in future updates? Also perhaps some convergence settings? (Unless the IPD is the same thing) I come from the world of Nvidia 3D tv play and I am one to always fine tune the depth and convergence of my 3d. That might help me more with the Z-Buffer enjoyment. If it’s even possible to do with the way Z-Buffer works. :)

    Anyway, I am either going to get a 780 Ti when the price drops or perhaps one of the new series Nvidia cards depending on the Price. Much love to VorpX, keep on amazing. . . :)


    Titan Z is a dual GPU card but only one of the GPUs will work in vorpx, Right now the best card for VR is a 780 Ti.

    Are you sure dual GPU doesn’t work? I just went and checked BF4 and Skyrim with Vorpx on my DK2, both GPUs on my 7990 are seeing equal usage.

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