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    I’ve had a new Oculus Rift (CV1) delivered a few days ago.

    Despite having not upgraded my GFX card from an Nvidia GTX960 yet, I’ve been hugely impressed by both it, the free games/apps that were bundled and many more of the free “Experiences” available on the Oculus Store.

    Before buying, I’d done quite a bit of research online. I had come across VorpX and had decided it was an app that I’d considered important and I certainly wanted. Howver, after the Oculus Rift arrived and I registered, I came across “Virtual Desktop” – it was available for the very modest cost of just £4.99 (UK user taking advantage of a discounted offer on Oculus Store) opposed to the significantly higher £34.79 for VorpX. To complicate matters further, I then came across the Vireio Perception app/driver today which is free.

    I bought “Virtual Desktop” on the basis of it having consistently high reviews and it was so affordable. To be honest, I can’t say I regret the decision but I still find myself looking at VorpX but wondering what I get that justifies the extra cost for another app that appears, at least on the surface, to do almost the same thing and offers very similar features as the others, particularly “Virtual Desktop”

    I’m happy to pay more if it’s worth the extra cost and consign the others to the reserve but I’d need justification before I do.

    Thanks in advance for any advice and assistance anyone can offer.


    Vorpx is not really a virtual desktop application even though it has that functionality. The new Oculus operating system called Dash is coming around Dec 12, so wait and see if that free update fulfils your desktop needs.

    Vorpx’s main purpose and development direction is to allow you to play games that were not designed for VR in the closest approximation to VR that’s possible. Additionally it allows you to play games on a virtual cinema screen in 3D. Almost as good as VR for seated experiences.

    For both of these functions it is excellent. Modded Skyrim / Fallout etc is wonderful.

    There is an alternative for 3D cinema screen in TriDefVR which I also have and I swap between these programs. It offers far more games than Vorpx for the cinema screen 3D experience [ 900 or so ], but no VR. It is subscription based and somewhat crash prone but I find great value in it.

    Vireio Perception is not really an alternative since it requires far more work than the others to get working. Save yourself the time and effort.

    For both Vorpx and TriDefVR you will need a good GPU. GTX970 minimum. GTX1070 / 1080 would be better and you will want it for the next big VR titles. It’s worth the investment.

    For Vorpx you will need some patience because tinkering with settings is part of the process for some games, although a good many will work with the ‘DirectVR’ one click solution in the upcoming release.

    I have noticed that people who just want things to work instantly without a little work are frustrated with Vorpx. It’s not the smooth curated experience of an oculus storefront, but there is realistically no other option when it comes to turning non-VR games into VR. Think of it as beta / experimental software and ‘curb your enthusiasm’ and in time you will see it as some of the best money you’ve spent in VR [no offence to Ralf with the ‘beta’ reference].

    I have both the Vive and Rift [with 3 sensors] so I am invested in VR.
    My advice would be to upgrade your card first then purchase both Vorpx and TridefVR. While the cost might be a little high, and Vorpx itself a little tricky sometimes – especially for people who don’t like tinkering – the rewards are very high.

    Welcome to VR!


    What Demosthenes said is a basically a good write up :)

    Virtual desktop is great if you just want to do basic stuff with VR acting as a giant screen.

    VorpX is the best solution for playing games in VR it has support for things like mapping the Touch controllers various actions to keybindings. As well as some of the best drivers for bringing games into actual stereoscopic 3D (being there rather than just seeing it on a big screen.) But BIG DISCLAIMER at this time for most things VorpX is not plug and play, if you enjoy tinkering / modding in general you will love VorpX.

    If that doesn’t appeal to you keep track of VorpX but hold off purchasing until at least the next update. If people say it’s plug and play ready then for a list of supported DirectVR games and you want to play those games in VR go ahead and buy it then :)


    Many thanks for the helpful feedback guys.

    I’ve been using computers since the early 80’s and have a fairly extensive background that includes both electronics and programming so I’m certainly not averse to playing around with both hardware and software. I actually quite enjoy it so VorpX could well be right up my street!

    I know the current version has been around since March so I might hold off until I’ve upgraded my Graphics Card. Sadly, I’m not in a position to do that immediately, however, if anyone can confirm that it will work with the GTX 960, just not as well as it will with a more modern/powerful GPU, I could still be tempted to go ahead and buy VorpX sooner, on the basis it’ll give me something else to play with in the meantime! :-)

    I’m assuming VorpX has a lifetime licence and doesn’t need to be paid for again whenever there’s a major version upgrade released.


    there is NO alternative to vorpx, vorpx is the only software allowing us to play lots of regular game in VR.

    the other software i dont recall the name suckkkkkkkkkkkks so much, it just cant compare to vorpx.

    you cant compare vorpx to virtual desktop neither, vorpx allow you to be inside games, in VR, it’s day and night compared to virtual desktop, the latter is just good to watch movies, but vorpx does that too so.

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