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    First of all, I love VorpX for what it can do (actually my first purchase after getting my VR Headset). But for the best of it, I cannot play in FullVR mode because I am unable to aim with my head. I can live with a lot of compromises but that’s somehow not working. Then you came up with the incredible idea of having gestures, especially the gun gestures. But still head aiming, now my neck hurts :D

    So, I started tinkering with compromises. It is basically a combination of VorpX Desktop Viewer, Reshade and FreePIE. The main idea is to use head aiming when running around (that I can live with), but when entering the gun pose, I detach the view from the head and attach it instead to the controller (That’s where reshade and FreePie come in). So, it is basically like holding a handheld and aiming with the gyro, just larger and better because you can still orientate with your head (despite some blackness around the screen) but aim with your hand. Current drawback: no more 3D.

    I have two videos showing this from within the headset and from the full screen.
    HMD View

    There might be slight distortions, but I hope you can grasp the idea. Maybe this could be integrated into VorpX directly with all its benefits.

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